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Little Mozarts Piano


Little Mozarts

For ages four through six

Your child will enjoy the fun, friendly environment of the Do Re Mi Academy. In addition to learning to play the piano, lessons include music theory, ear training, ensemble development, musical games and more. The group social dynamic will both captivate and motivate your young piano student!

Music for Little Mozarts was written to provide appropriate piano instruction for four, five, and six-year olds while simultaneously developing the disciplines necessary for playing the instrument. Your little ones will love their musical experiences with Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear as they journey through the adventures of learning to play the piano.


  • $120 per month
  • Mozart Material Kit: $69.95 + tax (Music Books, CD's, Manipulative etc.)
  • Class meets once a week for 55 minutes (Includes a 10 minute parent sharing time)

  • A tuition deposit is also due at time of enrollment which will later be used to pay your final month's tuition.