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Preschool Four's


Do Re Mi Four's

Watch Do Re Mi Academy take the ordinary and make it the extraordinary with our Do Re Mi Preschool program.  This alternative to ordinary preschool will uniquely captivate your child's imagination and make learning a truly joyful experience. At the Do Re Mi Academy we believe children learn best when fostered in a loving and caring environment. Your child’s natural curiosity will be encouraged while maintaining the freedom to develop at his/her own pace. The small group setting balances your child’s need for socialization with necessary focus and attention that each individual preschooler requires. The gifted staff at the Do Re Mi Academy is dedicated to excellence in instruction, environment and curriculum ensuring an enjoyable, enriching experience for your child’s first years of school.

Do Re Mi Four’s class is a play-centered/academic curriculum with an emphasis on kindergarten readiness skills and musical proficiency. Students will explore many facets of the musical experience; speaking, singing, moving, dancing, listening, creating and playing instruments, as well as learning about reading and writing music. The Do Re Mi four’s class will rotate into the piano lab twice a week for a half hour of piano instruction using the “Music for Little Mozart” series. Daily activities will include: explore time (free play the first 15 minutes of class), circle and gathering time, which we will use for activities like singing hello, saying the pledge, categorizing the weather, reviewing the months and days of the week, etc. Music and movement time, with thematic elements such as, music and celebrations from different cultures around the world and at home. We will prepare a healthy snack, have story and reading time, workbook time for math and writing, feature arts and crafts, and learn new skills during gym and tumbling activity time. Your child will love the unique, artistic experience in the Do Re Mi Fours class!


  • $420 per month
  • Classes meet four times a week
  • Classes have two teachers and up to twelve students

  • A tuition deposit is also due at time of enrollment which will later be used to pay your final month's tuition.